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resDetect™ Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

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  • Product Details
    The Nucleic Acid Extraction System offers automated magnetic bead-based sample preparation for DNA. Efficient bead collection and transfer ensure thorough washing, effective elution, and swift processing, resulting in dependable high recovery rates and consistent performance across various complex samples.

    This instrument significantly boosts your lab's efficiency by reducing hands-on sample preparation time, lowering costs, and increasing throughput.

    Through the integration of automatic instruments with sample preparation and quantitation kits, we can provide comprehensive solutions that address critical customer needs for sensitivity, reliability, dynamic range, and automation in biologic drug screening throughout the entire manufacturing process. For information of sample preparation and quantitation kits, see the resDetect™ products website.

  • Application

    The instrument is used for the automated extraction of residual DNA from biopharmaceutical drugs.

    For use in quality control/manufacturing process only.

    It is for research use only.

  • Features
    1. Minimal error with less hands-on time
    2. Automated sample prep processing
    3. Up to 32 extractions in a single run
    4. Optimized protocols for resDetect™ Sample Preparation kit
    5. Consistent and reliable data
  • Technical Specifications
     - Technical Specifications
Typical Data Please refer to DS document for the assay protocol.

Automated, high-throughput recovery of nucleic acid from complex samples

  • Background
    Nucleic Acid extraction is a critical step in many molecular biology techniques, such as PCR, sequencing, and cloning, as it is necessary to obtain pure and intact Nucleic Acid that can be used in downstream applications.
    This Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System can enhance your lab's efficiency by decreasing hands-on sample preparation time, cutting costs, and increasing throughput.
  • Clinical and Translational Updates

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